Sunday, November 3, 2013

DJI Phantom + Tarot2D Gimbal - Day One

Enjoy! Day One.

All up weight is 900g with the Tarot2D gimbal and the GoPro3 Black. Add in another 175g for the stock 2200mAh lipo, and more like 200g for my 30C 2200mAh ones. Stock Phantom lists 670g figure I've added 230g with the GoPro3 and Tarot2D gimbal? Phantom web site recommends <1000g max TO weight. OK, lets just figure 850g stock to 1075g with camera/gimbal. That is a 25% increase in weight...unless they counted on the GoPro weight being in there for the assistant software gain settings, I should likely kick up at least the attitude gains by 20%. It feels a bit mushy the way it is right now.

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