Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tiger2 Electric Conversion

I have had an old Carl Goldberg Tiger2 40 that I had a .61 ASP in that I built over 15 years ago and crashed. The right rear horizontal stab was broken. Anyway, it has been gathering dust in my garage for years, and I was thinking I would try to repair it and outfit it with a new electric motor. Just came across this thread in RCGroups, too, that seems to discuss it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cliff Soaring

I have been thinking I really should try to take my Multiplex Easy Star over to Table Rock and try and do some cliff/slope soaring with it. Well, I had my replacement Hitec Mini 6S (yeah...more about that later) that they sent me that still needed trying out, and it was too windy to do any 3D flying with the Piaget, and my Typhoon 3D wings were not being held in by the small plastic tabs that screw together (it had split out last time I flew it), so why not. Plus, it was sunny and the kids might like the drive and hike.

Well, we got up there, and the last mile of the road was closed to keep the mud and ruts from getting too bad, so we hiked. It was really breezy/gusty up on the edge, but got my helmet cam mounted finally and everything ready. Did the hand launch with much concern (those wings catch a LOT of air, and it was pretty breezy). Anyway, the stupid glitching in the Rx was aparent almost immediately, but I just delt with it. I was a little worried about how easy it was going to be to bring it back in and land, because there are about a million power/radio towers and lines up there (more about that later too...sigh)...