Sunday, February 22, 2009

Piaget Video

Got some video of my Piaget this morning, despite it being on/off breezy. I really can't say enough about this plane. This is with the new aileron push rods put in (think it really helped, but have to get the longer horn in next). Also, not sure if it was the wind or not, but I'm pretty sure the Corona SC Rx was gliching on me, mostly when the radio was pointed right at the plane. That really sucks. I've had it with single conversion Rx's. At least with this radio on ch 30, it sure has problems for me.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Refit Typhoon 3D with new Outrunner

Well, it was too windy to fly today, so I spent the day fixing planes. I REALLY needed to change the aileron push rods on the Piaget (they were flexing and not pushing in a straight line). So I did that, and I also was not real happy with the reception on the GWS 4ch SC Rx on the piaget, so I swapped it out to try the synthetic Corona 4ch SC I got. It worked pretty well from what I can see, and has good range. Flew it for just a second, but it was doing 15-20mph gusts, so really was NOT fun with this piaget. Really freaked me out.