Sunday, June 14, 2009

Electrifly Pluma 3D Build

Started building my Pluma 3D. I'm REALLY stressed about how thin the 3mm foam is on this. It folds/breaks so easy, I'm pretty sure this plane isn't going to last nearly as long as my beloved EPP Piaget, but I sure love flying the Pluma 3D on my RealFlight sim.

The build seems pretty straight forward, so far. I like the aileron connectors and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be getting the linkage lengths all matched. I'm pretty disappointed that my CA glue is eating the foam (I haven't had to worry about foam safe CA ever on any of my planes...and actually thought that the ZAP CA+ was foam safe...nope!). It is eating a little of the foam, but seems like if I hit it again after it and accelerate it pretty quick, it stops the eating.

55" BAF YAK-54 from DWFoamies

I want to get a 55" BAF Yak 54 from DWFoamies for some large scale park flying. Here is some good video of a great Tiger paint scheme BAF. Can get one for around $100 from RC Foam, too. Like the torque rod controls and I think this would be a great way of doing all my larger flat foamies in the future. Looks like you want about a 40A ESC and 3S1P 2200mAh lipo. Flying weight looks like about 36oz, AUW.

There is a great build thread here on I'm pretty sure the Turnigy 35-42C 1100kv motor from Hobby City that I got to put on my Typhoon would work on this great, along with the 40A ESC I have for it. Then a Neutron 6ch Hitec Rx and hopefully the HS-81's would work ok (though the guys building it don't seem to think the HS-81's are strong enough). I WANT to build this plane...hummm.

On a semi-unrelated note, check out this amazing Red Bull Pylon race video