Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aileron Easy Star Modificaiton

Put some pictures up below of my aileron mod to my easy star. I put carbon fiber rods in the foam to help give it more stiffness. Also, just used simple packing tape for the hinges after cutting 45-degree slices out of the bottom of each mating surface. Then, used Hitec HS-55 micro servos in the wing. Had to use some extensions for the cords (should have probably put it in closer and might have been able to avoid having to use extensions). I only had 24" ones right now, but I think 6" ones would be just fine. I'll swap them out when I get the chance.

Typhoon 3D

Maidened my Park Zone Typhoon 3D yesterday (the original, not the Typhoon 2) that I got for $65 on close out from AirLand Hobbies. Holy !@$#, that was a handful. None of the surfaces were right, despite "looking" lined up ok. Thing jumped off the deck like I was use to from the simulator, but then it was pitching, rolling and diving. Even with lower rates it was full time panic, while I tried to gain some altitude and get the trims set.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dual/Triple Rates and Expo

There is a pretty good web page that describes how exponential rates work (the negative vs. positive expo on JR vs. Futaba sort of messes me up too). I also put together a quick Control Rates XLS spread sheet to graphically demonstrate how the control surface should move with various rates and expo settings for a given stick movement and to help myself visualize how the response works for setting targets on my Futaba 7CAP. I am thinking about trying to even do a 3D plot to incorporate subtle p-mixing, but that is probably overkill. For now, this allows me to visualize what I want to do to moderate response around center, but still get full range response for 3D flight. The file currently has a setting for user settings, demonstrating how to limit the beginner's tendancy to "over control", but still deliver the same initial sensitivity/response with 65% rates and 70% positive expo.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Easy Star

I just built my Easy Star kit and got it all setup. Here are some pics with the HXT 2835 2700kV brushless motor installed, and a Turnigy Sentry 25A BESC with a Zippy 2200mAh 3S1P LiPo. I put the BESC on the outside to try to help keep the heat down. The HXT motor sure seems to run hot (hope it isn't a dud). I still have to pop the Hitec Neutron 6S Rx with HS81 servos in and get the push rod throws adjusted as well as make a final CG measurement. Hopefully I can maiden her tomorrow. Found a good EZ* Fan Site page too.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wild Hawk

Just maidened my Wild Hawk. Got it from HF for $79, plus 20% off (they had to price match the web site and then do the 20% off coupon). Moved the battery forward and put packing tape around the rear fuse and nose. The thing still wants to really stall when under power (seems too tail heavy). I'm about 3.2" back from leading edge on CG. Without power, it is actually pretty balanced and this thing will soar/glide forever. I landed it 3 times and I did like 4 other low speed glide slopes past and then powered up and took it back up. It definately needs more rudder. I'm in the closest hole and there were times I thought the radio was spazzing out on me (maybe it was, actually, it doesn't seem to stay very stable) and turning the opposite way I wanted it to go. Still, just drop power and things get much more controllable. It loops very nice, especially if you get just a little down elevator and speed. I'm definately going to try to swap out the RX and servos out and pair it up with my Hitec mini 6s, HS-55's and Futaba 7CAP that is coming in the mail. Hopefully that cleans up the signal a little. Maybe even replace the motor and speed controller with the Turnigy 25A plush and HXT 2835-2700.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheaper...Wild Hawk

Of course, once Harbor Freight starts carrying these, you can begin considering them "disposable". The Wild Hawk is a knock off clone cheap version of the EPP foam Easy Star. Super forgiving, very cheap, and easy to to see if our local Harbor Freight has one.

Check out the Wild Hawk.


I went ahead and bought an Aerobird Xtreme from Hobby Zone off Ebay for $80. It was used, but only had a problem with the elevator control horns and a broken canopy (and that seems like it was all just shipping damage, everything was in new sealed containers and it didn't look wreaked or anything. Fixed all that, got a 7.2v 3800mAh NiMH pack off Amazon for longer flights (compared to the 1700mAh stock one). Also found that the prop was busted, so went to the local hobby store, Hobby Town USA and got two new ones as well as the sonic combat module to try to see if I could play with my friend and his older Aerobird Commander original.