Monday, October 28, 2013

New DJI Phantom Quadcopter

Just ordered a DJI Phantom and a Tarot 2D Gimbal control for FPV flight. Sportsman's Warehouse also just had a $50 off offering for any internet order over $250 with HLWN code...Bing, GoPro 3 Black just recently reduced from $399 to $329 with the new 3+ another $50 off. Done. This thing should be awesome.

Update (10/31/2013): Both of these arrived today! YAY!!! Version 1.1.1 from, as was stated on (I see they are out of stock now). Thanks again for the tip! Has FAAST binding button in battery compartment, and two antennae, plus the pitch gimbal lever on back of Tx.

It is going to take me a little while to assemble the Tarot 2D gimbal, and I just ordered a mount plate for it off Ebay. Should have done it sooner. Oh, well. Manual and software.

The v1.1.1 came with FW 4.0 on it, and based on some of the YAW stability concerns with 4.02, I'm going to fly it a bit on 4.0 for now. Got everything in and took it for a spin after all the kiddies stopped popping by trick-n-treating...

MAN! After flying my multi-copter home built tricopter, this thing is a DREAM! Stabile? H3lls yeah! I enabled IOC in the assistant, but must not have gotten out of the 30m radius, because if I rotated the copter to face me and pulled back on the stick in HL mode, it backed away from me...even in CL it should have come toward me, as I went out straight on the CL line. Rotated 90' and back was still relative to the copter...strange. I had good sat-lock, with all green blink.

I think someone said you could toggle CL->off a bunch of times to get it to reset the HL/CL? Tried that and didn't see it do anything. Oh well, I got 6 2200mAh lipos charged and the new GoPro3 mounted to try at lunch tomorrow! I am really loving this.


P.S. Am I the only one that has taken the exacto knife to the battery compartment to help accommodate my slightly larger lipos before even getting 5 minutes of flight time on it?

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