Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tricopter FPV

Got my eagle eyes system mostly back up and working, including a new addition, the guardian stabilization module, which should fix a lot of my questionable RTH functions. But in the mean time, I wanted to begin getting just basic video FPV only working with my tricopter. Finally seem to have a pretty good setup working with the copter, and it seems pretty stable. I've been practicing on the simulator with heli's and quadcopters too, so maybe that is helping, but it seems a lot more predictable.
I tried to get my Fatshark 2.4GHz video with a 40mW VTx working on the copter, but it wasn't good enough to even go much over 60 feet without losing signal. Might be because I strapped it right on close to an ESC on one of the arms, but there are a LOT of ESC's...I also was trying to run 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio control at the same time, as I really dislike the 72MHz for servo jitter and interferance, and this 2.4GHz stuff is bullet proof. Anyway, it didn't hurt the control running them both on 2.4GHz, but I can't believe the VTx (which isn't on a rotating freq) was helped having to compete. 72MHz didn't help it much though, and I've just got in a 500mW VTx along with some matched cloverleaf antenna's from Tim at Ready Made we'll try that out and see if it helps... Lots to do!

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