Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gyro Stabilization

I have read a lot about people putting gyro stabilizers on airplanes to correct erratic behavior and wind buffeting. Seems like a natural inclusion for FPV to stabilize the video. Anyway, ideally, you want one that ONLY engages when you flip a switch (meaning you need a secondary channel) or disengages when you get past say 1/3 joystick movement (again, still needs a secondary channel and pmixing). Most of the folks are using GY401's from Futaba, are a bit spendy (at almost $140 each axis), but they have the dual gain you need to disengage and everything. I may consider trying one of the E-Flight 11g dual gain gyros at around $65. DPCAV also has one for around $25, which I will probalby order. I think you would put it on the ailerons for fpv, but you would risk the RTH feature of the OSD not working if it was engaged when you lost control...grin.


  1. I got the gyro's in from DPCAV and I'm going to try them out in my Tiger 2. I hope. They are SUPER sensitive, but maybe when flying they will be better. For now, it looks like at the very least, I can disable them on ch5 switch (and I actually put the elevator gyro on my ch6 knob for variable gain testing). I probably should just wire them to a switch and be done with it to avoid trying to twist the dial to disengage if all hell breaks loose). Tenatively going to try it out tomorrow. ;)

  2. Tested out the gyro's. The roll one on the aileron control worked pretty dang well, locked it in pretty nice and stable, but it did seem to jitter a little. I think the response was a little too high on the gain. Backing it off should help. I also tried out an 11x7 APC prop. Not real impressed. The 12x8 is way more responsive and has climb authority, and the 11x7 didn't seem to help on peak current draw much either. Pretty windy when flying, but this plane handles well. It wants to seem to nose up/climb once it slows a little. I'll take that as being tail heavy, and I'm using the elevator trim to keep it flying level at higher speeds, so I probably need to put the battery up front more. It did seem worse with the smaller 4S1P lipo. Grin, I have a cure for that, since my 5000mAh 5S1P just came in from Hobby City. Wow, that thing is a BRICK. Over 2 pounds and really boxy.


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